The Celevent

Custom-made end-to-end project management services for zesty, goal-driven campaigns. Based in Singapore, The Celevent is a consultancy company that helps businesses engage with their audiences creatively and credibly.

Experiences to Remember

Quality experiences that people remember

Experiential Marketing

Event marketing has evolved its focus – from the type of event to the interactions a business can create with its audience. We work with companies on every detail of what customers see, hear, smell, taste – and beyond, to what they think and feel. Creating a positive, thoroughly curated experience that’s easily associated with the brand. We know what kind of experiences work best with a specific audience. We’ll take care of the logistics and legwork. We can track your audience and uncover vital data to help you better plan your next move. We’ll make it great so that people come back for more.

We’re Experienced Collaborators

Transparent, versatile, agile. We listen – each client, each project is unique. We’re ready to abandon conventional notions and adapt. We know that honest open communication paves the way for creative, truly effective ideas. We’re here to piece together what can be done, how it can be and why it should be done. We keep a close watch on the market trends, so we can advise you on when and how to respond to sudden situational changes.

Campaign creation & execution

Humans are social creatures, and the way people connect keeps evolving. We help clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of engagement platforms and activities, helping them choose the right ones and tailoring their strategies to help them reach their marketing goals. Our services cover every step of the way – from thorough market research, to crafting a well-thought out strategy, to producing marketing tools, to the final execution. We’ve worked with companies from a wide range of sectors, most recently more from tech and pharmaceuticals. Regardless of industry, we strive for campaigns that aren’t just consistent and focused on a single goal. We strive for campaigns that people remember.

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